Assetto Corsa Competizione: Fanatec Force Feedback Guide

These settings have been tuned/used as of April ’19.

Compared to early releases of the game, the Dynamic damping now seems to actually do more dampening than before and with a Fanatec base running at 75% does a good job of stopping the FFB from feeling too rattly.

Fanatec wheel bases have enough torque to deliver detailed FFB so we don’t feel the need to run any minimum force scaling. Same goes for road effects, in our testing this seems to add more weight at speed than anything else so we’ve turned it down to 0%.

AC:Competizione FFB settings

Fanatec Wheel Settings

In the settings menu of the wheel base use the following settings.

  • SEn : Auto
  • FF : 100
  • SHo : OFF
  • AbS : 100
  • dri : OFF
  • For : 100
  • SPr : OFF
  • dPr : OFF
  • FEI : 50
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